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VT-N078+Dust or Mist Respirator Mask


An anti-pollution N95 face mask which is designed to protect you from bacteria, pollen, dust particles, smell, and smoke. It is a respiratory device that achieves a very efficient filtration of airborne particles. It is made of non-woven fabric that is comfortable and does not cause any skin irritation. It offers an effective filtration of PM2.5 particles has a filtration efficiency of 80% when tested against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particles. The mask has an easy-fit aluminum nose clip that offers a firm seal around the nose to ensure maximum protection. It comes with neoprene ear straps that keep the mask in place and prevent it from slipping. This is a fluid-resistant mask and has a flat fold design, allowing you to store it easily when not in use.



How to wear a mask?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use a sanitizer.


  • Hold the mask with the stiff side upwards.


  • Ensure that the mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin.


  • Pull the neoprene straps behind your ears.


  • Pinch or mold the nose strip to conform to the shape of your nose.



  • Made of non-woven fabric

  • Protects you from bacteria, pollen, dust, smell, and smoke

  • Effective filtration of PM2.5 particles

  • Comfortable, easy-fit nose clip

  • Comes with neoprene ear loops

  • Filtration efficiency of 80% against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particles

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