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N95 Face Mask with Breathing Valve


With 95% virus and bacterial filtration efficiency, this N95 mask with respiratory valve may protect you against non-oil-based particles such as disease-causing germs, fine dust, pollutants, mists, viruses. Unlike ordinary surgical masks, this N95 face mask has enough space around the mouth area to make breathing easier. The mask is dolomite tested and can resist clogging even in very high dust environments. It has a unique flat fold design, for enhanced protection and comfort. Featuring an embedded nose clip, this mask has a universal leak-proof fit for a wide range of face contours. It is made of latex-free textile elastic which makes it skin-friendly and durable. The mask does not deform in high temperatures, ensuring a long life. The mask is also equipped with a ‘stay cool butterfly’ vent valve, that allows easy breathing and can effectively remove the build-up of heat. It is compatible with Vitegis head and eye protection devices. The Vitegis N-057 N95 respirator has been manufactured to meet the requirement of NIOSH class N95.



The contaminated masks should be disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with local regulations.



It is recommended to dispose of the mask when it wears out for hygienic purposes. Do not use this mask for protection against gases, vapor, or in an atmosphere containing less than 19.5% oxygen.



  • NIOSH approved N95 respirator

  • Can Protect you against Virus and non-oil-based particles

  • 95% filtration efficiency

  • Dolomite tested

  • Can resist clogging even in very high dust environments

  • Flat fold design

  • Embedded nose clip for leak-proof fit

  • Universal fit

  • Skin-friendly and durable

  • Equipped with a ‘stay cool butterfly’ vent valve

  • The valve can help remove the build-up of heat

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