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Face Shield


A face visor is a personal protective equipment device that is used by healthcare workers or others on the frontline of the pandemic. It helps them stay safe from splashes, sprays, and bodily fluids. This face visor can be used more than once after being disinfected. It is also ideal for sanitation workers, security professionals, or police in high transit areas. The visor is made of high-quality transparent, recyclable, and waterproof plastic. It is recommended to use the visor with other protective equipment, such as face masks and goggles. The visor can be detached from the forehead rest.


How to wear the face shield?

  • Hold the forehead rest in one hand and the strap in another.

  • Place it on your forehead and use the other hand to pull the elastic and slide it over the back of your head.



  • Visor can be detached from the forehead strap

  • Ideal for medical, security, or sanitation professionals or the police

  • Can be reused after disinfecting it

  • Protects from splashes, sprays and bodily fluids

  • Recommended to be used with other protective equipment

  • Recyclable and waterproof plastic

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